American Paddling Icon Cliff Jacobson joins Canoehound Outdoor Adventure Show

To gain knowledge is a great thing that we should never stop doing.

This past Tuesday May 11, 2021, I was honored to interview an America Paddling Legend, Cliff Jacobson.

Cliff is the Author of and has written and published 17 books. He has written countless articles and he has presented his knowledge at hundreds of tradeshows and symposiums.

Some of the Cliff Jacobson’s Books

Having started at a very early age as a boy scout. Cliff continued through his life to gain all the knowledge he could muster and eventually he started to share his experiences and knowledge with others in hopes that everyone will get outside to enjoy all that nature has to offer in a safe and healthy manor.

As an American Citizen, Cliff admits that he prefers to paddle north of the border in Canada and in the vast Ontario wilderness.

Thank you Cliff for spending your Tuesday evening with me and my viewers.

The interview with Cliff Jacobson is now available for replay below.

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