Survivorman, Les Stroud

Appearing on Canoehound’s Outdoor Adventure Show for a second time.

For a second time I am excited to announce that Survivorman, Les Stroud will be a guest on Canoehound’s Outdoor Adventure Show on March 14, 2023. Les first appeared on my live stream back on September 14th of 2021. The day before my birthday… a great birthday gift it was.

Over the years as an outdoorsman, I had always enjoyed Les and his skills that he so generously passed on to his viewers. Then to have him on my show was such a privilege. We spoke of his Survivorman Series and of course what inspired him to produce the show. We spoke of his youth and how he got his start and of course we also discussed what was slated for his future. That is what lead to this upcoming episode.

Les Stroud’s first appearance on Canoehound’s Outdoor Adventure Show, Sept 14, 2021

I had the privilege of personally meeting Les at 2023 Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show where he was a guest presenter in the main hall. He presented to a full house with not even a place to stand. A great presentation was enjoyed by all. Les then proceeded to do a signing, meet and greet at the display that was set up for his new, soon to be released VR Game, titled The Descent. This was my opportunity to finally meet and speak with Les for a few moments.

In our conversation about the upcoming episode I thought I would ask Les what he would like to discuss on the show knowing full well that he has so many new things in the works. His New Series in it’s second season, “Wild Edibles”. An Award winning Children’s Book, “Into the Wild” and his new VR Game, “The Descent” not to mention his career in Music. With all of this I thought it would be fitting to have a show on this and forgo the chats on his Survivorman career which so many are familiar with.

I am excited to learn more about a man that has inspired me and many others to become a better outdoors person and to learn the skills is would take to perhaps, get ourselves out of a bad situation.

I hope you all enjoy tonight’s episode now or in the future. It is a show worth watching for any Les Stroud Fan.

Les Stroud on Canoehound’s Outdoor Adventure Show, March 14, 2023

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