Survivorman, Les Stroud

Appearing on Canoehound’s Outdoor Adventure Show for a second time. For a second time I am excited to announce that Survivorman, Les Stroud will be a guest on Canoehound’s Outdoor Adventure Show on March 14, 2023. Les first appeared on my live stream back on September 14th of 2021. The day before my birthday… aContinue reading “Survivorman, Les Stroud”

Wasaksina, Driftwood Lake Loop, Temagami

3 – 4 days 43km’s (+/-) 6 portages Longest Portage: 550m Difficulty: Intermediate to Moderate The Trip Begins Although the Region of Temagami had been under wet weather conditions for well over a week, it was not going to dampen our enthusiasm to get out on our first real backcountry canoe trip of the season.Continue reading “Wasaksina, Driftwood Lake Loop, Temagami”

The Meanest Link Canoe Route

This week on Canoehound’s Outdoor Adventure Show we will be joined by Co-founder Gord Baker, Canadian Author of “Once Around Algonquin” Kevin Callan and the current record holders of the fastest unsupported circuit of the Meanest Link, Chris and Julia Prouse. The meanest Link is a 420km (261 mile) canoe route that was created toContinue reading “The Meanest Link Canoe Route”

American Paddling Icon Cliff Jacobson joins Canoehound Outdoor Adventure Show

To gain knowledge is a great thing that we should never stop doing. This past Tuesday May 11, 2021, I was honored to interview an America Paddling Legend, Cliff Jacobson. Cliff is the Author of and has written and published 17 books. He has written countless articles and he has presented his knowledge at hundredsContinue reading “American Paddling Icon Cliff Jacobson joins Canoehound Outdoor Adventure Show”

Canoehound to be a featured guest on “The Camping Show” and Podcast

It does not happen very often, but Canoehound will be the featured guest on the Popular USA Podcast and Live Stream, The Camping Show. Hosted by C.W. Goetz from C.W. Goetz Outdoors and Jesse Free, the show is a fun evening full of information, topics and tips from professionals in the outdoors community. The showContinue reading “Canoehound to be a featured guest on “The Camping Show” and Podcast”

New Channel Trailer Video Just Launched

Well, after 4 days of editing and months of procrastinating. Canoehound Adventures YouTube channel now has a new channel trailer. It is a vastly updated short video that harnesses clips from trips and adventures from the past year. The goal of this intro video is also to let people know about Canoehound’s Outdoor Adventure Show,Continue reading “New Channel Trailer Video Just Launched”

1st Members Only Live Stream and Winner of the Huge Swag Prize

Well another one is in the books. On the eve of March 31, 2021, Canoehound Adventures streamed our first Members Only Live Stream as an added perk for channel members. It was so nice to put faces to so many of the names I see in the chat during the weekly shows. It was aContinue reading “1st Members Only Live Stream and Winner of the Huge Swag Prize”

Canadian Voyageur Mike Ranta to be on Canoehound’s Outdoor Adventure Show.

On March 30th, Canadian Voyageur Mike Ranta is slated to be the special guest Canoehound’s Outdoor Adventure Show. Mike and his dog Spitzy have embarked on some epic canoe trips that have taken him across Canada on 2 separate occasions. He has amassed many stories of his experiences along the way. His charismatic, high energyContinue reading “Canadian Voyageur Mike Ranta to be on Canoehound’s Outdoor Adventure Show.”

Ontario Parks Backcountry Camping, Pilot Fee Structuring System. Is it Fair for Everyone?

In April of 2020, Ontario Parks implemented a 2 year pilot fee structuring system for select backcountry Provincial Parks that follows the lead of their car camping fee structure. The old system was a fee system that was a pay per person, per day and the new pilot system is a flat rate per campsite,Continue reading “Ontario Parks Backcountry Camping, Pilot Fee Structuring System. Is it Fair for Everyone?”

Canoehound Adventures Launches a New Website

Well the people have spoken, and Canoehound has listened. At the request of many people who enquire about Canoehound Adventures and where they can find more information about me and my YouTube channel. I have finally started to dabble in giving you what you want. I am going to start small with this as IContinue reading “Canoehound Adventures Launches a New Website”